Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Rising Star of Texas Lives Up To Its Name

The Rising Star of Texas Lives Up To Its Name

By Lindsey Byrnes

Known as the Rising Star of Texas, Texas State University set a new record of enrollment for the 16th consecutive year with 35,568 students enrolling for the fall 2013 semester.

"This new high in student enrolment demonstrates that Texas State continues to be a leading university in the state, and that students and their families recognize our institution offers both an outstanding educational experience as well as an exceptional value," said President Denise M. Trauth.

Students expressed some concerns over the steadily increasing student body.

Junior Crystal Flores
"It hasn't affected me much although it was hard to get into a dorm because there were so many students enrolling, " said freshman Carly Joutraw.

Sophomore Shannon Quay said she has made a lot more friends but is worried about the competition for getting into classes. Transportation has also proved to be more challenging with crowded buses and parking lots.

Junior Crystal Flores commutes to campus from Austin and said she has trouble finding parking. However, Texas State Student Madelynn Scales said,

"As long as you plan ahead there is no issue."

As Texas State continues to grow it also continues to diversify. Minorities now make 42% of the student body. Hispanics account for 30% of the student body and African-Americans make up 8%. Both students and administrators are pleased to see this trend.

"It is benefiting local businesses and helping build the diversity Texas State is so proud of," said Quay.

Texas State Student Colby Gober
Photo by Valerie Villarreal
"I think with the increase in number of students it will set the standards higher and Texas State can become a better school," said student Colby Gober. "Things are changing and we are no longer quite the party school that Texas State has been known for."

Texas State Provost Eugene Bourgeois said, "It is important that our institutions of higher learning adequately reflect the growing diversity of this state, so we are most pleased that our efforts to recruit students form all backgrounds has led to a truly diverse population at Texas State."

As The Rising Star of Texas continues to expand, so does San Marcos and it is definitely being noticed.

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