Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Texas State University: On The Rise In Education And Diversity

Ashley Malcom

SAN MARCOS- As Texas State University’s student population continues to grow with record breaking numbers so does the diversity of students on campus.

With new construction underway and a mass of students walking through the Quad it would be difficult not to notice a population growth at the university. For the 16th consecutive year Texas State University has broken its enrollment record. The university news service announced that a total of 35,568 students enrolled last semester.  

“I think it’s good for (Texas State) to grow because it gives it a more diverse community,” said Crystal Flores, a junior and fashion merchandising major at Texas State University.

That it did. Along with such a steady increase, the school has seen an increase in the diversity of the student population on campus. The current student body is the most diverse in the school’s history.

“... we are most pleased that our efforts to recruit students from all backgrounds has led to a truly diverse population at Texas State,” said Texas State University Provost Eugene Bourgeois.

Minorities now make up 42 percent of the student body. This includes an enrollment increase of both Hispanic and African American students by 26 percent.  With such a positive increase in diversity many students are voicing their support.

“…the population growth is benefiting local businesses and helping build the diversity Texas State is proud of,” said Shannon Quay, sophomore at Texas State University.

Texas State University is not only welcoming in their most diverse student body but they are also are welcoming in a student body with higher rankings in their high school classes. More incoming freshman this year were ranked in the top 10 percentile of their high school class than in previous years. While, a total of 49 percent ranked at the top 25 percentile of their high school class.

“Things are changing and we are no longer quite the party school that Texas State has been known for since it was South West Texas,” said Colby Gober, a student at Texas State University.

Texas State University has a more diverse, intelligent, and proud student population than ever before. With this, the school is on the rise and on its way to becoming a top contender with the major universities in Texas.

“Texas State continues to be a leading university in the state,” said Texas State University president Denise M. Trauth.

Having such an increasingly positive outlook for the future, Texas State University may someday not only be the single university in Texas to educate a President of the United States of America, but two Presidents of the United States of America.

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