Thursday, February 27, 2014

Growing diversity of Texas State University Shelby Coke Story 3

With the population of students growing rapidly at Texas State University so has the diversity of students.

According to the University News Service, enrollment at Texas State recently reached a record- breaking number of 35,568 this past fall semester with minorities making up 42 percent of the student body. This is the 16th consecutive year Texas State has set an enrollment record.

Many students and faculty feel like this is a positive thing for the university.

“The more diverse the better,” said Lilly Woldehawariat, a political science major.  

“As the demographics of Texas continue to shift, it is important that our institutions of higher learning adequately reflect the growing diversity of this state,” Texas State Provost Eugene Bourgeois said.

With the student population and diversity rapidly growing, the university has set higher standards, according to student Colby Gober.

“Things are changing and we are no longer quite the party school that Texas State has been known for since it was Southwest Texas," he said.

President Denise M. Trauth agrees with Gober, “Students and their families recognize our institution offers both an outstanding educational experience as well as an exceptional value.”

Even though San Marcos continues to grow, Emilia Parada, a communication studies major, said San Marcos gives her that “hometown feel.” 

Along with the positives that have come out of the rise in the student in population, students have identified negative outcomes.

Parking has become an issue for many students like junior Stephen Torres.

 "They should add more buses and more parking so it’s easier to get to and from the campus," he said.

Parking isn’t the only downside of the rising student population, said physical therapy major Christina Drifka.

"Classes are difficult to get in because of the high demand for certain courses,” she said.

With all of the positive outcomes coming out of Texas State University growing there are also  negatives, but with the diverse culture and record numbers the University will to grow as it has in the last 16 years. 

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