Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Interview by Allison Grosch

Name: Shannon Quay
email: sjq4@txstate.edu
Race: American
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Year: Sophomore
Major: Education
From: Plano, Texas currently San Marcos, Texas
Occupation: Waitress at Willies Grill and Icehouse
Characteristics: Blonde hair, brown eyes, short, athletic build, outgoing, easy to talk to, confident.

Q: The university has a record enrollment of 35,568 students last semester. How has this increased enrollment affected you?
A: "I have made a lot more friends! The downfall of that though would be the competition for classes and the crowding in little ole' San Marcos."

Q: What if the school added more classes or more professors to the university, do you think that might solve some of the enrollment issues?
A: "It is a high possibility yes, but it could also cause tuition to rise which lets be honest...would not be a good thing."

Q:Should the university continue to grow?
A: "Yeah, because there are so many apartments and not enough kids to live in them. Yes, the population is growing but it is benefiting local businesses and helping build the diversity Texas State is so proud of.

Q: I noticed that in the beginning you thought the population growth was a downfall but later said it helped build up the economy, which is better?
A: "I think that too many people might become a problem and by too many I mean so many students that we don't have enough transportation for them or student living would expand to Kyle or towards New Braunfels."

Q: Did the size of the university influence your decision to come here?
A: "No, I knew several people who went here and absolutely loved it and I decided it was the place for me."

Q: If the university had been small would you still have come?
A: "No, because I attended a small school last semester and it just wasn't for me. I grew up with a lot of friends in a pretty large school district so big schools with a lot of students is more my comfort zone.

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