Thursday, February 27, 2014

Record-setting enrollment for Texas State University

Texas State University is in its 16th consecutive year of record-setting enrollment.
The university has set a total enrollment record of 35,568 students for the 2013 fall semester. “We take our role in preparing the next-generation work force in Texas very seriously, so it is gratifying to see that so many incoming students are choosing Texas State.” said President Denise M. Trauth.  
A large part of the enrollment increase is due to the incoming freshman class of 5,181 students. Of the 22 percent increase of freshman, 49 percent were in the top 25 percent of their class in high school.
While some students celebrate the enrollment growth others are dealing with the consequences of a larger student body. “Parking has become more difficult and the campus is more crowded.” said senior, Frankie Dimento.
Kelsey Jendrusch, a fashion merchandising major, hopes Texas State continues to grow so the university can compete with bigger schools. "People always try to compare us to the University of Texas and Texas A&M when they really can't since we aren't as big as they are." Jendrusch said.
"As the demographics of Texas continue to shift, it is important that our institution of higher learning adequately reflect the growing diversity of this state, so we are most pleased that our efforts to recruit students from all backgrounds has led to a truly diverse population at Texas State." Texas State Provost Eugene Bourgeois said.
This is the most diverse student body in the school’s history. Minorities now make up 42 percent of the student body. “The more diversity the better." freshman student Lilly Woldehawariat said.

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