Thursday, February 27, 2014

Basic Story: Enrollment at Texas State

Texas State University is on the rise by announcing its 16th consecutive year of record-breaking enrollment and also having the most diverse student body.
Many students have different opinions about how the changes of enrollment has affected them.
Since the undergraduate enrollment has increased by 22 percent we asked just how some of the currents students feel about all the new bodies joining Texas State.
 “I can’t even walk through the quad now.” Said junior Richard Sabrsula.
Obviously the increased enrollment has had an impact on the students; as you know the quad is the core of the campus and is typically crowded on a slow day and with the increase it will only continue to be more of a challenge. Some students aren’t exactly thrilled about what’s going to happen when more students arrive.
We also asked if the students think the population growth should continue and if it is a good thing.
Senior Frankie Dimento, president of the hide and seek club said, "Yes it should!" Dimento was more than excited about the fact that the increased enrollment could potentially increase the amount of members in his club. Which is already one of the biggest clubs on campus. 
In talking with different students we were interested to see if the size of the school mattered to students when they were looking to first come here.
"No I actually didn't realize how many students came here I just came here for my major." Said Tyler Stevenson
Many of the students responded with no and many different reasons why they came here with only a few saying yes.
“No, I knew several people who went here and absolutely loved it and I decided it was the place for me." Said sophomore Shannon Quay
As you can see the influx of the population at Texas State is going to happen and there will always be positives and negatives. But when interviewing the students you could see that many of them were appreciative of the schools popularity.
"No, let it grow. I want Texas State to be one of the biggest and the best." Said senior Efrain Balderrama
So while the students have mixed feelings about the growth President Denise M. Trauth states, “…it is gratifying to see that so many incoming students are choosing to attend Texas State.” Also saying, “This is new high in student enrollment demonstrates that Texas State continues to be a leading university in the state, and that students and their families recognize out institution offers both and outstanding educational experience as well as an exceptional value.”

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