Thursday, February 27, 2014

Diversity at Texas State University

Texas State University has announced 2013 as the record-setting year with the most diverse student body in its history.

The enrollment has increased from 34,225 students for the 2012 fall semester to 35,568 students for the 2013 fall semester, which marks the 16th consecutive year Texas State has set a new record for total enrollment.

Not only is Texas State's student body increasing, but it is also becoming more diversified.

Minorities currently make up 42 percent of the student body with the Hispanic enrollment increasing 12 percent to a record 10,682. African-American enrollment increased 14 percent to 2,824 and accounts for eight percent of the university population.

The increasing growth at Texas State creates mixed opinions among the students. Some students like that the university is growing, whereas other students do not because of the problems it seems to be creating.

Chelsey Kidder does not think the university should continue to grow because the classes would increase dramatically and "get out of hand."

Another student that had a similar opinion as Kidder was Shannon Quay, 19 year old education major, she enjoys the campus growth because she has made a lot more friends, but also said, "The downfall of that though would be the competition for classes and the crowding in little ole' San Marcos."

Other students enjoy that the university is continuing to grow cause of the opportunity to meet new people.

Carly Joutraw said that the university should continue to grow so that she can meet more new people.

Stephen Torres, 23 year old junior, said "it would be good for the school to grow, but they definitely need to make accommodations for the amount of students they have enrolled."

Another student agreed with Torres' view on the university's growth. Tyler Stevenson said "I think it should because it is good for our university to get more popular, but they should start making more accommodations for the increase in students."

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