Thursday, February 27, 2014

Everything is Bigger in San Marcos

Everything is Bigger in San Marcos.

Hannah Gunn

SAN MARCOS- While Texas State University is growing day by day it’s diversity is changing on campus as well.

Texas State University is going on its 16th consecutive year of setting an enrollment record, which is an increase form the enrollment of 34,225 for the 2012 fall semester. While the student body of Texas State continues to change the minorities are now making up 42 percent, with the Hispanic enrollment being 12 percent and the African-American being 14 percent.

Unfortunately with all of these changes in the enrollment comes with some negatives like parking, classes and even just trying to get around town in your car.

“You can’t find parking anywhere, and buying a parking permit is just pointless now,” said Chelsey Kidder female student at Texas State University.

For commuters the parking situation is even worse. They drive all the way from Austin and then don’t have anywhere to park once they get to San Marcos.

“Yes, I do have trouble with parking. I think [Texas State] should build more parking spaces,” said Linsdey Byrnes a commuter student at Texas State Unoversity.
Traffic gets so bad with all of the students and the locals driving around in such a small town. After the clock his five I won’t even try to go downtown or else your looking to double the time of your trip.

“Traffic,” is all TImry Gunter had to say about the increased enrollment at Texas State University.

The increasing of the enrolment at Texas State has surprisingly affected the incoming freshman as well with a record incoming freshman class of 5,181, which was a 22 percent increase since 2012.

“I am a freshman so it hasn’t affected me much although it was hard to get into a dorm because there were so many students enrolling,’ said Carly Joutraw a freshman at Texas State University.

On the flip side the changes happening to Texas State University can also turn out to be a positive thing for the school and the students attending. Texas State University student Colby Gober said he thinks the increased enrollment will set the standards higher and Texas State could become a better school.

“Things are changing and we are no longer quite the party school that Texas State has been known for since it was Southwest Texas,” said Gober.

Even with the negatives and the positives its really cool to see our school grow and thrive to be the best it can be.

“It is gratifying to see that so many incoming students are choosing to attend Texas State,” said Denise M Trauth.

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