Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Texas State sets record enrollment for 16th consecutive year
By Madelynne Scales 

Texas State University, most commonly known for its party reputation, has achieved a new reputation of record-setting enrollment and growing diversity of the student body.

Texas State has surpassed its party reputation by setting an enrollment record of 35,568. This is the 16th consecutive year that Texas State has set a total enrollment record.

This new high in student enrollment demonstrates that Texas State continues to be a leading university in the state, and that students and their families recognize our institution offers both an outstanding educational experience as well as an exceptional value.” Said President Denise M. Trauth.

This growth was largely driven by a 22 percent increase of incoming freshman since 2012. Of these incoming freshman, roughly 49 percent were in the top 25 percent of their class.

Although the growing size of enrollment is beneficial to Texas State, some students are feeling the repercussions. “You can't find parking anywhere, and buying a parking permit is just pointless now." Said Chelsey Kidder.

Not only has the population grown, but the diversity of the student body has too. Now, minorities make up 42 percent of the university.

“As the demographics of Texas continue to shift, it is important that our institutions of higher learning adequately reflect the growing diversity of this state, so we are most pleased that our efforts to recruit students from all backgrounds has led to a truly diverse population at Texas State,” Texas State Provost Eugene Bourgeois said.

Colby Gober, believes that the university should continue to grow. “I think with the increase in number of students it will set the standards higher and Texas State can become a better school.” Said Gober.

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