Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Interview by Valerie Villarreal :)

Colby Gober
middle 25K-49K
18-25 years
From Beaumont,TX, living in San Marcos, TX
Occupations: company executive, entertainer, expert

1. "Yeah it has definitely effect me, especially with the amount construction and traffic with both student on campus and around the streets. I've lived here for three years and have seen the growth and change."

2. "Yeah, of course, definitely. I think with the increase in number of students it will set the standards higher and Texas State can become a better school. Things are changing and we are no longer quite the party school that Texas State has been known for since it was Southwest Texas."

3. "No, the location."

4. Are you surprised by any of these numbers or facts?
    "Not necessarily, Demographically it was to be expected. For the past years I could obviously see the changes- the school adding more things, the school getting bigger and there being more people."

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